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Excellence in Execution: Redefining Workflow

In his new book The Little Big Things, Tom Peters offers 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence. It is the little things that are big for your organization. Your products and services and they way they are delivered are what's important to your customers. If you haven't taken the time recently to meet with your internal customers (employees) to review step-by-step the flow of their work to and for your external customers, it's past time to do so.

Synergies consultants can facilitate work sessions with product or service groups within your organization. Let us ask the questions. Are the customer expectations understood? Does each person understand his or her role in the workflow? Are standards and service objectives clear? Is there efficiency in every step? Has redundancy been eliminated? Are contingencies in place? Let us help you redefine the workflow and deliver excellence in execution.

To help you analyze the answers to these key questions, contact Joanne Davis at

What others say...

"I cannot imagine a stronger group of advisors for performance improvement and project management. These are women of great accomplishment and high integrity. I'm confident their experience will yield terrific results for their clients."

Gino J. Gemignani, Jr.
Senior Vice President
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company