Eleanor M. Carey  ::   Joanne T. Davis  ::   Mary Ellen Duncan
Ann T. Gallant  ::   Barbara K. Lawson

Experienced leaders. Trusted advisors.

These words are often used to describe the five partners who formed Synergies Consulting Group in 2008. Eleanor M. Carey, Joanne T. Davis, Mary Ellen Duncan, Ann T. Gallant and Barbara K. Lawson bring unusual energy and enthusiasm to every project they embrace. Each has held positions of responsibility in her field. With their combined professional experience, they are equipped to tackle complex challenges for a wide variety of organizations. Click above to learn more about each partner.

What others say...

"The Synergies consultants are well known individually in the region for getting things done. Combining their varied experiences in one organization is a stroke of genius! They are bold, creative, ready to serve, and enjoy removing barriers to progress in organizations."

Dennis Miller
East Baltimore Development, Inc.