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Leadership Assessment and Executive Coaching

As executives and leaders in diverse fields, Synergies partners are uniquely equipped to help you assess the leadership potential of your executive teams and serve as confidential coaches for your current and emerging leaders.

One of the tools that Synergies employs is the Hays Group's Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), based on David McClelland's landmark 1973 article, "Testing for Competence Rather Than for Intelligence." This 360-degree inventory is completed by others (peers, managers, and subordinates) who know the employee as well as the employee knows himself or herself. Unlike abilities and personality traits, competencies are more likely to be developed and improved with coaching. While skills and knowledge are necessary for top performance, social roles and values, self-image, traits, and motives are characteristics that lead to prolonged success. ECSI is a validated tool.

Administration of this inventory, accompanied by consultation with a certified coach, is available from Dr. Mary Ellen Duncan. Contact her for additional information at

What others say...

"I have worked with each of these leaders and have been impressed with the results. I would bet on this team and would trust them to succeed in any project they would execute."

Richard W. Story
Chief Executive Officer
Howard County Economic Development Authority