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Expanding Fundraising Capacity for Schools, Community Colleges & Non-Profits

Henry James said, "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." In order to make a difference, schools, colleges and non-profits often have to raise money from donors and work with volunteers to accomplish their fundraising goals.

Synergies Consulting Group has developed a series of handbooks to use with volunteer boards and staff to improve their fundraising effectiveness. Synergies consultants conduct half-day and full-day retreats that provide role-playing practice with real prospects. Volunteers and staff prepare for the "ask," practice making a request for support and plan the appropriate follow-up and recognition for donors. Often the training of volunteers is left to chance, but preparation and practice are more likely to make a difference!

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Synergies Consulting Group is registered as Fundraising Counsel with the MD Secretary of State's Office and is an Associate Member of Maryland Non-Profits.

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Mary Ellen Duncan focuses on the people in the organization, empowering and enabling them to do what they think cannot be done.

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