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Synergies Clients and Selected Projects

Synergies partners work with a broad range of non-profit and for-profit clients in a wide variety of sectors. We have helped strengthen educational institutions, health care providers, foundations, publishing companies and other small and large enterprises.

For example, Synergies managed the launch of a previously inactive school system foundation and in just a few months helped it distribute computers to 700 families who didn't have one at home. In another project, our analysis helped a multi-state health organization acknowledge longstanding executive conflicts and improve the productivity of its units in four states.

Right now, Synergies partners are providing leadership coaching and team building for community college presidents across the country. We're guiding an educational institution as it expands into the District of Columbia and deals with legislative and administrative requirements in Maryland. We're assisting the developers of a $40 million sports facility near Fort Meade gain governmental approvals, financing and marketing partnerships, and providing strategic guidance for a multi-national transportation corporation.

Click above to review a few examples of the organizations we are helping. We would be happy to schedule a conversation with you about your key issues and explore how our experience may be applied to address your challenges.

What others say...

"The Synergies partners are well known for their remarkable creativity and accomplishments in this region. While they all have depth and breadth of experience and are good listeners, the idea of their working together on behalf of clients makes them exponentially more powerful!"

James Truby
Synthesis, Incorporated