About Us

Synergies Consulting Group provides the leadership and management experience to help clients build more effective and profitable organizations. Our experience informs our solutions.. We listen closely to our clients and devise solutions to meet their specific needs. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

    Building more effective non-profit and educational organizations
  • Project management
  • Board and leadership development
  • Strategic planning
  • Development, fundraising and budget analysis
  • Support to improve organizational performance
  • Innovative program and partnership development
    Building more effective businesses
  • Quality management
  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Political strategy and government relations
  • Marketing and communications management
  • Issues anticipation and management
  • Innovative career advancement programs
    Building more effective government
  • Customer service improvement
  • Cross-functional work reviews
  • Feasibility studies and investigations
  • Strengthening education and training programs in high demand sectors
  • Improving communications with key constituencies
Synergies Can Help

How is your organization managing change in this challenging environment?

Where are you making your cuts?

How are you keeping employees focused on the organizational mission?

What are the positive things that you CAN accomplish?

Lots can be done!